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Warranty Repairs

Warranty Repairs

All products manufactured by PacketFlux Technologies include a free replacement warranty for a minimum of 12 months after the purchase date. This warranty covers all failures where the unit is still reasonably mechanically intact. Lightning damage IS covered and we particularly want to see lightning related failures.

The following are covered under warranty:


Any new product purchased from us in the last 12 months

RackInjector products:

  • RI-CONTROL, Revision B or later
  • RI-CANOPY, Revision A or later
  • RI-CAMBIUM, Revision B or later
  • RI-AGNOSTIC, Revision B or later
  • RI-PDU, Revision B or later

PowerInjector products:

  • PIPS-CANOPY, Revision J or later
  • PIPS-CAMBIUM, Revision K or later

SyncBox products, Revision I or later

SiteMonitor Base 3 and Base Unit II, any Revision

SiteMonitor Expansion Modules, Revision H or later

Power Supplies, 1 year limited warranty

Current Shunts, 1 year limited warranty


To return a product under warranty, send an email to custsvc@packetflux.com with the following information:

  1. Product Description
  2. Serial Number (most products)
  3. Your company name, contact information, and UPS shipping address. 
  4. COMPLETE description of failure and any potential external cause. Be verbose and include a detailed description of the problem and any troubleshooting you have done. “After a lightning strike, port 3 quit providing power” is an example of a good description. “Doesn't work” is not a valid description. RMA requests without a reasonable amount of detail will be denied. It is in your best interest to provide as much information as possible. Our technicians will use this to help replicate and repair the defect before returning the unit to you.

Upon receipt of an email containing all of the above, we will verify the warranty status of the product. If the item is eligible for a warranty return, we will have UPS email you a shipping label. Pack the product well in a suitable box. Attach the provided label and give the package to your UPS driver. If you need to schedule a pickup, either call 1-800-PICK-UPS, visit the UPS website, or contact us.

Once we receive the product, we will test it. After testing is complete, we will either repair or replace the product (if needed), and return it to you at our cost.

The above shipping procedure applies to our domestic US customers only. Due to various international shipping and/or customs issues, we will work with our international customers on an individual case basis.