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SiteMonitor Base Unit II


 Product Description



The SiteMonitor Base 3  is the next generation of this product.   It has an easier to use web interface and a redesigned SNMP system to overcome some shortcomings in the older Base II.   It is the new recommended product.

We continue to manufacture and sell the Base II for our existing customers who are not yet ready to switch.   In addition there are a few module types that are not yet supported by the base 3.   However, there will be no further firmware updates to the Base II and any new functionality and features will only be available in the Base 3.   Existing customers should strongly consider switching to the Base 3 for any new deployments.

Our SiteMonitor products permit the monitoring and control of equipment at any site which has IP connectivity. Designed to provide low-cost SNMP monitoring and control, the SiteMonitor products are the perfect addition to any remote repeater site, or to any equipment you want to be able to monitor via SNMP.

The Base Unit II is the core of the entire system. It connects to an ethernet-based TCP/IP network and accepts SNMPv1 or SNMPv2 queries to permit monitoring and control of all attached devices. In addition to the built-in inputs and outputs, the Base Unit II  has an expansion port which will permit the addition of various expansion modules.  It is also DIN rail or wall mountable - or you can set it on a rackmount shelf.

The Base Unit II includes a few built-in inputs and outputs. The built-in functionality was designed with a small solar site in mind. For many sites, you may only need the Base Unit II.

The Base Unit II has the following inputs:

  • Dual 12-56VDC power inputs, each metered separately - plug one into a battery-backed source, and one into a line-powered adapter, or hook it up to any other power source(s) you'd like. The unit will run off of either one, and you will get an indication of the voltage (if any) from each.
  • DC +-100mV low or high side shunt input. In DC applications, add a shunt to your system, and receive an indication of the net current through that point in the system.
  • Switch closure input. Connect to a security loop, or another switch or relay closure output, and get an indication of the status of the closure. Perfect for detecting whether the door to your equipment has been opened or whether the security loop through your solar panels is intact.
  • Relay Output. Control up to 2A at up to 30VDC or up to 60W DC at voltages above 30VDC. Perfect for switching a remote load (such as a radio) on and off. 
  • Internal Temperature Sensor. There is an on-board temperature sensor built right in. Read an approximate temperature of the enclosure the SiteMonitor Base Unit II is in so you can tell if your equipment is overheating or getting too cold.

If the built-in connections don't completely fit your needs, there is an ever-growing set of expansion units available.   Simply add one via the expansion port and your system gains the capability of that expansion module.   If you don't find a module which fits your needs, feel free to contact us so we can either point you in the right direction, or perhaps build a specialized expansion unit for your particular application in the future.

Some key additional features include:

  • Ultra Low Power consumption - Less than 1 Watt - 0.7W is typical.
  • Industrial Temperature Range - Good down to -40C/F and up to well in excess of 60C/140F.
  • SNMPv1 and SNMPv2 support
  • Web Interface for configuration and management
  • AutoPing Feature enables reset of up to 4 SiteMonitor controlled devices if a specific (single) IP address becomes unreachable.  This is great to ensure connectivity to a site by rebooting a radio and/or a switch.
  • The internal relay can be used as a rudimentary temperature control based on the internal temperature sensor
  • Internal Watchdog timers to ensure continued availablility.

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